Slave to the Playlist

About Complete & Total Asskicking Music

So, back in the day, we used to take an FM radio with us on workouts – to the gym, running in the foothills, and (after agonizing for awhile about the safety implications) on long hard bike rides. And of course that meant we were hostage to radio DJs. If they played some asskicking tunes, we'd kick ass on our workouts. If they played ear dross, we were dead in the water. A digital tuner helped a bit – we could at least flip around stations quickly, scanning for that elusive energetic track.

And then came the digital music revolution. Suddenly, not only could we take our whole music collection with us when we worked out – we could take all and only the most asskicking workout music we owned. Beautiful.

But a strange thing happened on the way to workout nirvana: our MP3 player got hungry. Songs which had previously body-slammed us into ferocious, energetic feats of athleticism lost their fine edge – we'd heard the really great stuff a few too many times. We had to go looking for more asskicking workout music. And we found it – really great stuff, even better stuff, tons of it. But then, as we discovered the most awesome and energetic music anyone anywhere was making, our standards rose! We now constantly needed not only more asskicking music, to feed the ever-hungry MP3 player – but better asskicking music, too. Really asskicking music.

And so began long years of obsessively listening to Internet radio stations, plugging preferences into music recommendation engines, and (yes, at one time – before buying digital music became cheap, easy, and DRM-free) trawling the file-sharing services. The addiction was costly in time and effort, but it paid off. The MP3 player got fed. And the asskicking music – more, better, all the time – played on.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so, you've come to the right place.

The one thing we always expected to find, through all this music scavenging, somewhere along the line, was a site on the web devoted to specifically listing tons of the best asskicking workout music. But we never found one.

So we built it ourselves.

Welcome to the Asskicking Music Revolution.