Slave to the Playlist


Freshness / Turbo Boost / 3 For Your Mom


How important, really, is the freshness of your workout playlist music? Pretty goramn important, we're pretty sure. For all but the very, very most asskicking tracks, they eventually reach their sell-by date - and you've got to shuffle them off to the great graveyard of awesome workout music in the sky. A few tracks are so sublime that they may stay in your playlist until time ends; but even they suffer from decreasing marginal returns.

The problem with weight gain... that you subsequently have to lose the damned weight.

And the problem with that is that you have to run a significant caloric deficit for a significant period of time.

The problem with which is that you are now sluggish and underpowered – "bonked," in a word – for your workouts.

Which sucks.

And which is why you need asskicking music even more than ever . . .

So get downloading!


Welcome Back, Biznatches

Welcome back from the Christmas and New Year holidays - otherwise known as the weight management nightmare of your soul's darkest night. Yep, it's like a week-plus, night-and-day body fat festival. Yee-haw.

Well, welcome back, biznatches. If you're anything like us, it's going to take you maybe 3-4 weeks of asskicking workouts to get off the holiday weight.

Four More du Jour

Okay, we lied - that's not it after all.

We just can't leave well enough alone, even for Christmas.

Actually, we just remembered that xmas is everyone's (yours, mine, his) number one annual weight management nightmare - and we're all going to need all the damned help we can get.

So consider these four new tracks - from Sev, 745, Aloha From Hell, and Hollywood Undeed - stocking stuffers.

Grab 'em from the front page as usual.

And keep on rockn' in the new year.


Five Golden Asskickers

Here's wishing you a complete and total asskicking Christmas - from all of us here on the C&TAM team!

So - don't forget to pack your MP3 player, a USB cable (that bad boy will need to be recharged - hopefully a lot), your running/lifting/other-style-of-asskicking shoes, and some shirts with the sleeves cut off. And totally needless to mention: your entire library of asskicking tunez.

Oh, and we almost forgot - here's your stocking stuffers from C&TAM: four classics (which we've been keeping in reserve since launch day) and one new chart:

Uploads Fail! / Asskicking Win!

Much-ass grassy-ass to our bloodhound-like users - who've recently identified more than one effed-up upload amongst our asskicking song samples. (We're looking at you, Chad S.P.) We can only conclude we must be getting seriously delirious in our old age. As always, corrections are almost as welcome as suggestions.

Speaking of suggestions: go check out our latest five additions - possibly the most completely and totally asskicking set of five songs that has ever been added at one time.

Suggestions - Keep 'Em Comin'

Hey, thanks very much indeed to everyone who has taken the time to suggest music for the site.

We're a little bit behind and, basically, a bit crap about keeping up with reviewing these things.

But rest assured that we do take a listen to every single one of the submitted suggestions (eventually), and we do add things that we like.

200 / Artist Pages / IMMORTALS!

200 Songs!

C&TAM Launches! (Abuse us!)

Welcome! Very glad you found us!

We've just soft-launched, and we'll now be ramping up and rolling out much more asskicking music, as well as new site features, in real time. Check back often!

Meanwhile: How do you like this bad boy? What works well? What's missing? What annoys the ever-loving s^%* out of you? All feedback, however scathing, will be gratefully received in the comments section below. Thanks for helping to make C&TAM the best source of, well, C&TAM, that it can be. It's all here for you.