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200 Songs!
We're tickled to announce that we've crossed the 200-asskicking-song threshold on the site. Now, maybe 200 songs doesn't seem like a lot to you. (Or maybe it does, we don't really know). But the thing to remember is that every single one of them kicks major ass. They're all hand-selected. They also span a fair number of genres – so, even if you despise, say, crossover rap/metal type stuff, you're still extremely likely to find an awful lot of excellent additions to your workout folder. So get in there! And, rest assured, there will be even more coming soon-ish. (Also, do keep your recommendations coming, using the little Song Suggester tool there to the left.)

Artist Pages
In other news, we've finally broken down and added Artist pages. It makes sense. Click on any artist name to see all songs by him/her/them/it.

Finally, we're now launching something we've been planning on for a long while. As noted on the 'how it works' page, there are a lot of ways to rank and sort asskicking music. But there's one we can't get out of our heads: Some asskicking songs are simply immortal. They're head and shoulders above other asskicking songs (even ones that kick major ass) – and, mainly, they just never get old. These are the songs that should be in your workout playlist forever and ever, amen. Check 'em out: