Slave to the Playlist

C&TAM Launches! (Abuse us!)

Welcome! Very glad you found us!

We've just soft-launched, and we'll now be ramping up and rolling out much more asskicking music, as well as new site features, in real time. Check back often!

Meanwhile: How do you like this bad boy? What works well? What's missing? What annoys the ever-loving s^%* out of you? All feedback, however scathing, will be gratefully received in the comments section below. Thanks for helping to make C&TAM the best source of, well, C&TAM, that it can be. It's all here for you.

Going forward, we'll have much more to blog about: best weightlifting music, best music for a workout you absolutely need just to maintain your sanity, waterproof MP3 players for swimming, which online music stores suck least, and much more. Watch this space.

All the very best,
The C&TAM Team


A Sign from God?

I think this might be the sign I was waiting for that it's time to start running again. Listening to a few tracks is making me really, really miss it.

One usability thought: a search function. I was going to suggest a track but wondered if you already have it listed.

Great work.


God Responds

Glad to hear it - and great suggestion! Believe it or not, there's actually a search box in the upper right of every page - but in the rush to hack the design into shape, it disappeared under a tsunami of over-complex and half-understood CSS. Will make it a priority to magick it back into visibility. Meantime, you can search directly from:

Thanks again - and happy running!

God Comes Through

Okay, we've now got a totally kick-ass search function - it's available from the top of every page, and it returns results in the format you expect them: with rankings, preview player, and album artwork. Kick ass.

Thanks again for the prompting. Now get running, biatch! ;^)