Slave to the Playlist

Five Golden Asskickers

Here's wishing you a complete and total asskicking Christmas - from all of us here on the C&TAM team!

So - don't forget to pack your MP3 player, a USB cable (that bad boy will need to be recharged - hopefully a lot), your running/lifting/other-style-of-asskicking shoes, and some shirts with the sleeves cut off. And totally needless to mention: your entire library of asskicking tunez.

Oh, and we almost forgot - here's your stocking stuffers from C&TAM: four classics (which we've been keeping in reserve since launch day) and one new chart:

  • Anger Management by the inimitable Methods of Mayhem. The name of this track says it all.
  • The God That Failed by Metallica. There are probably three or four songs off this one single album - their totally timeless Black Album - that are in the top 30 asskickers of all time.
  • Only When I'm Drunk by Crazy Town - perfect for drunken boxing (or even just drunken bag work).
  • Superbeast by Rob Zombie. It's crazy we included other Rob Z tracks before this one; but we did, and you can thank us now.
  • Monster, by Christian rock asskickers Skillet, is on our very short list of top tracks right now. A modern classic.

Ho ho ho! And to all a good asskicking workout!

Wishing you all the best,
Yr buddies at