Slave to the Playlist

Freshness / Turbo Boost / 3 For Your Mom


How important, really, is the freshness of your workout playlist music? Pretty goramn important, we're pretty sure. For all but the very, very most asskicking tracks, they eventually reach their sell-by date - and you've got to shuffle them off to the great graveyard of awesome workout music in the sky. A few tracks are so sublime that they may stay in your playlist until time ends; but even they suffer from decreasing marginal returns.

Though, contrariwise, we think a really good workout track can get better for quite a lot of initial listenings. This may be due to the centrally important aspect of anticipation. Because the only thing better than an enormous, rolling, asskicking chorus . . . is the anticipatory bridge leading up to that chorus. You feel it coming, and your skin tightens, and you accelerate your pace, and hit your new stride as the change comes . . . glorious.

What's the sweet spot? Totally depends on the track of course, but we're thinking maybe: between the 4th and the 16th listens. That's optimal.

Turbo Boost

Which leads to a brief note on the turbo boost: Notice how on some workouts, runs, sessions, etc., it's just not really happening on its own - and you need a lot more music juice than on others? We sure notice. And on those days, only the best - and, importantly, freshest - shiznit in your workout folder will do it to get you moving. What's our secret turbo boost? Have your MP3 player sort by date the tracks were added. Then, when you really need the juice, switch from shuffle mode to sequential play - and jump up toward maybe the last 20 or 30 songs you've picked up. Et voila tout - all fresh stuff, and instant turbo boost. You're welcome.

Three For Your Mom

We've just added three tracks for your mom. (We meant to add them before xmas, and tell you to play them at grandmother's house . . . but you know the run-up to the holidays.) Enjoy!

Image of Everywhere I Go (Castle Renhold?r Mix) [Explicit] Everywhere I Go (Castle Renholdёr Mix)
by Hollywood Undead
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Emo, Hardcore, Rapcore
Image of Player Player
by Sev
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Alternative, Crossover, Rap, Rapcore, Rock
Image of Get Naked [Explicit] Get Naked
by Methods of Mayhem
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Alternative, Hip-Hop, Humour, Metal, Rapcore, Rock