Slave to the Playlist

Suggestions - Keep 'Em Comin'

Hey, thanks very much indeed to everyone who has taken the time to suggest music for the site.

We're a little bit behind and, basically, a bit crap about keeping up with reviewing these things.

But rest assured that we do take a listen to every single one of the submitted suggestions (eventually), and we do add things that we like.

Also bear in mind that some tunes which really do it for you personally when you're hitting the weights or doing road work or flipping over tractor tires or whatever you do . . . still might just not quite fit the aesthetic of the site. Let's face it, what we're really providing here is curation – and so we're only going to add it if we really like it.

That said, of course discovering new workout music is a two-way street. And we're very grateful for you helping us to discover new asskicking music, too.

Keep it comin'.

Yours in asskicking,
The C&TAM Team

P.S. What, actually, is it with this vogue for sort of growly/roar-y vocals? You know what we're talking about: Grarr, grarr, rooarr-rooaar-RARR!!! Maybe we're getting old, but we just can't settle into that. What about you? Like that stuff? What else either works, or doesn't work, for you, when you're putting together a workout playlist? The forum is open.