Slave to the Playlist

Uploads Fail! / Asskicking Win!

Much-ass grassy-ass to our bloodhound-like users - who've recently identified more than one effed-up upload amongst our asskicking song samples. (We're looking at you, Chad S.P.) We can only conclude we must be getting seriously delirious in our old age. As always, corrections are almost as welcome as suggestions.

Speaking of suggestions: go check out our latest five additions - possibly the most completely and totally asskicking set of five songs that has ever been added at one time.

  • This Qemists track is drum & bass like you've never heard it - kicking complete and total ass.
  • Damone - as constantly noted, we love Damone. A lot.
  • This bad-ass roller from 745 is rapcore pretty much at its finest.
  • Fault the Police by Corporate Avenger is pretty much Anger Incarnate.
  • And this remix of Blue Stahli's Ultranumb (the single most asskicking song of all time) kicks seriously major ass in its own right, and in a whole new way.


We remain,
Yours in Asskicking,