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Welcome Back, Biznatches

Welcome back from the Christmas and New Year holidays - otherwise known as the weight management nightmare of your soul's darkest night. Yep, it's like a week-plus, night-and-day body fat festival. Yee-haw.

Well, welcome back, biznatches. If you're anything like us, it's going to take you maybe 3-4 weeks of asskicking workouts to get off the holiday weight.

And you know yer buddies at C&TAM weren't going to leave you out in the cold for it. We're right there in your corner with you - kicking ass and taking (track) names. To get you started, here's a happy new year slate of six brand new complete and total asskickers. (As always, you can review and sample them all handily from the front page; or click through to the song pages linked below.)

  • Dirty Words by The Qemists - our newest (plus only) favourite drum'n'bass total asskickers.
  • Damage, Inc. by Metallica - another classic we've been keeping in reserve. It's pretty hard to top the speed and aggression of their "Master of Puppets" album.
  • Hypocritical by the inimitable Methods of Mayhem. Tommy Lee seems perpetually pissed off - and we love it. (This one's actually a contender for our Immortals list, but as with all classics, the test will be the judgment of time.)
  • Get Crazy by 745 - a rapcore act that's proving surprisingly deep, in their asskicking catalog. Getting crazy, and going nuts, is probably exactly the prescription for the new year.
  • Undead by Hollywood Undead - SoCal weirdness combined with SoCal agression. It's a winning combo.
  • Revolution Movement by Southpaw Swagger. These guys are one to keep an eye on.

Happy new year
From yer pals, at

P.S. Watch out for the January People!