Slave to the Playlist

How It Works

  1. Browse ass-kicking music
  2. Listen to ass-kicking preview tracks
  3. Buy the MP3s from your favourite online music store
    1. And that's about it. The front page is a great place to start. There you will see the most recently-added ass-kicking songs – along with genre tags, average user rating, a preview track player, and a 'Buy track' button. You can sort by latest, highest rated – or on five attributes that we have found to measure truly asskicking music:

      • Hardest/Heaviest
      • Fastest Tempo
      • Highest Energy
      • Dark & Sinister
      • Soaring & Inspiring
        • Of course, these labels are subjective, but we think you'll see what we mean. Need that Metallica and Celldweller turned up to 11 to get your blood pumping? Then the hardest/heavist tracks are probably for you. Looking for 180bpm all up-beat stuff to get your six-minute miles in? Check out the fastest tempo tracks. Industrial metal fan – Marilyn Manson and NIN? You need dark & sinister to get you into getting ripped. Want to boost your mood into the stratosphere as the endorphins kick in? Soaring & inspiring tracks are for you.

          You can also browse and sort tracks by genre and by artist. Get in there and discover new asskicking music. We've got tons – and more all the time.

          As you practically drown in tracks you can't live without, click on the 'Buy Track' button, then the link for your favourite online music store. (We currently support Amazon, Amazon UK, iTunes, iTunes UK, and the Fixt Music Store.) You get the most asskicking music. We get a tiny referral fee, to help support the running of the site.

          Coming soon: Member pages, mailing list, reccomendations, and other special features for those who register on the site . . .